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Knowify updates – December 2022

Contractor illustration to announce our latest product release | December updates | Knowify

Release date: December 25, 2022

Improved organization and a brand new invoicing method

1. Advancement Tag Management

Available for all plans

In the Accountant section of Knowify, you’ll now see a brand new interface where you can map your Knowify tags with specific QuickBooks classes and locations.

There’s no more need to manually assign classes or locations to a new job – after mapping your tags to a class or location, any new jobs created with that tag will automatically be mapped with the same class or location. In addition to the changes above, classes and locations through tags are now available for service jobs, saving you a few extra steps and making the integration with QuickBooks even more seamless.

A new way to map Knowify tags with QuickBooks classes and locations | December updates | Knowify

2. Unit-Based AIA Invoicing

Available for Enterprise plans

An extension to our current pay app (aia-style invoicing), Unit-Based Invoicing allows you to invoice units of progress at a given rate, rather than invoicing for a specific dollar amount. Unit-Based AIA Invoicing will generate a slight differently pay app document, where progress units are reported. Save time and provide additional clarity to your clients when looking to communicate unit-based project progress along with your invoice.

Unit-based AIA Invoicing | December updates | Knowify

3. Minor improvements

  • Improved sync with QuickBooks Projects for QuickBooks Online Advanced accounts
  • Improved the ability to search for specific costs in the Job Costing Hub
  • A new version of the Knowify mobile app was released with major stability and performance enhancements

Questions or feedback around our latest update? Send an email to, we’d love to hear from you!