What do you do when a customer calls for help?

What do you do when you get a call for help? How do you:

  • – Create a job ticket?
  • – Specify pricing?
  • – Determine who’s available to do the work?
  • – Assign a ticket and get it to that available tech?


  • – Where do you enter work order notes?
  • – How do you alert your field person a new job is waiting?
  • – Where does he/she record jobsite notes, track extra materials used, etc?

Maybe you’re working off a spreadsheet? Or texting your field teams? Waiting until they get back to the office to hand you their paperwork at the end of their day or first thing in the morning?

If you are, you’re not alone. Lots of contractors rely on paper and pencil to run jobs. And they spend weekends at their computers plugging all that information into their Excel spreadsheets.

Or…what if you could automate the process? I mean really automate it. If you were using Knowify (www.knowcontractors.com) this same scenario would play out like this:

A service call comes in from a customer. Your service manager goes to the “Dispatch Jobs” section of Knowify, and quickly creates a ticket for the client. He enters whether it’s a time-and-materials job or a pre-defined, fixed-price service. The manager looks at the schedule for all your technicians and assigns the job ticket to the available tech (or multiple techs, as necessary). He then adds the work order notes specifying what the client needs done, finishes the ticket, and clicks send. The tech is notified of the assigned work on any smartphone or tablet and sees the ticket added to his/her job list in Knowify’s mobile app. Click. Click. Smart.

When your tech arrives at the jobsite, he clicks on Knowify’s GPS-enabled Check In to automatically record work time. The tech opens the job ticket to view the service notes and materials specified, and goes right to work. Done, your field tech records any jobsite notes, identifies additional materials used, and marks the ticket completed. The tech checks out, and the work time is recorded.

Back at the office, your service manager can immediately prepare an invoice for the job and close out the ticket. Try that with a pen, paper and QuickBooks® alone!

Knowify is built for the real contracting world. It’s flexible, so you can address issues on the fly, as they occur — like pulling workers off jobs at a moment’s notice to handle an important or emergency service item.

Or…you could keep running your business on Excel!

If you have any questions or wish to share your feedback, you can find us at support@knowify.com.

Knowify. Built for the real world.

Knowify featured at Plumbing Perspective

I’d KILL for a system to manage my service ticket and contract work!

If you’re a contractor who performs service ticket and contract work (electrical, HVAC, plumbing contractors, etc.), you’re probably struggling to find a system that helps you manage both aspects of your business. Sure, you’ve got QuickBooks®, but that doesn’t help you bid or manage projects, produce change orders and get them signed, schedule crews, etc. And most project management software is either really expensive or really clunky.

Why, you ask yourself, can’t someone build a system (yep, on the “cloud”) you and your crews can access from anywhere that also provides clear visibility to office-side superintendents, service techs, and jobsite foremen?

Full disclosure: We built it. It’s called Knowify, and here’s my two sentence commercial:

Knowify is the one-technology solution that delivers all the tools to run an efficient, profitable contracting business. Imagine you could tap powerful project management, bidding, change order management, purchasing, and invoicing tools that helped you really manage your long-term project work and team dispatch.

Knowify’s Resource Scheduler is built for the real contracting world. It’s flexible, so you can address issues on the fly, as they occur — like pulling workers off jobs at a moment’s notice to handle an important or emergency service item.

Or…you could keep running your business on Excel…

If you have any questions or wish to share your feedback, you can find us at support@knowify.com.

Knowify. Built for the real world.

Project Management for Contractors

Managing a medium or large sized construction project can be very stressful. Everybody on your team expects you to get the job done right with a limited budget and tight deadlines. Being a construction superintendent or project managers usually involves a constant daily grind against the mounting administrative work, fighting to do more with less, and making critical project decisions with far-from perfect information.

Thankfully, there are two great stress relievers that can help: 1) meditation, which has been proven to lower blood pressure; and 2) Knowify’s very powerful cloud based project management module. Knowify project management improves visibility in all phases of a project, from pre-bid budgeting to late-project punch list tracking. We’ve made it easy to see at-a-glance where you stand, with real-time updates as time card and purchasing data come in; we have also simplified field and office communication, with built-in mobile tools for foreman and other field staff to add their comments to the daily task logs. And with all of the other powerful tools in Knowify helping to easy painful administrative items like change orders, you’ll finally be able to sleep at night knowing that your projects are well in hand.


If you’re a seasoned project manager, you’ll be pleased to know that Knowify includes all the project management tools you’re used to right out of the box, including dependency management, critical path scheduling, resource management, and Gantt Chart views. With Knowify’s Resource Scheduler only a click away, it’s easy to know how busy my team is and who is available to take on new task or project work.

We know that once you’ve seen Knowify, you’ll realize that it’s a great solution for your construction business. The Knowify team is always available for training and support, and within only a short period of time you’ll discover the awesome efficiency that modern software can deliver to your business. And the more you know your business, the better able you’ll be to grow your business.

Knowify on Intuit’s apps.com

Knowify 2.0

Our new release is live: Welcome to Knowify 2.0!

These are our main enhancements:

  1. Foundation for our exciting new Service Tickets module, which we will enable this weekend (no further downtime is expected).
  2. Dashboard Feed to enhance communications within your organization.
  3. Significant enhancements to the mobile app to support the service tickets features. Google and Apple are reviewing the app update now; you should be able to download the Android version on Monday, and the iOS version by the end of next week.
  4. Improved performance of the system, particularly in the TimeTracker.

Thank you again for choosing Knowify to help run your business. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, or if you encounter any issues with the new release.

Allocating materials to jobs

With Knowify, it’s very easy to allocate materials to your jobs and make sure you keep track of your costs. Check out our short video tutorial on material allocation to learn more!

New release for contractors – May 2015

We’re pleased to announce the release of some exciting new features in Knowify!
New Features:
  1. Your employees no longer need an email to be added to the system
  2. Subclient creation in Knowify
  3. Subcontractors in project plan
  4. Improved control over Invoice / Bill QB sync
  5. Automatic alerting for PMs and team members when an upstream task is completed
Noteworthy Fixes:
  • Equipment timecards should now work properly
  • The Mobile app issues for users with >1000 clients should be resolved
Video Tutorials:
Full Overview of Knowify:
Create a job and cost it out:
Create an estimate:
Invoice your clients:

Organize your business with Knowify

How much thought have you put into managing your equipment?

Knowify makes it easy to manage your business, from the office or on the go. But how much thought have you put into managing your equipment? One important area where a bit of time and effort now can save you a lot of time and effort in the future is loss and theft of equipment.

Imagine discovering that a drill is missing just when you’re about to head out for an important job. You have no idea for how long it has been missing or who last used it and where. You’re running late for the job but you have no idea if there are any other drills left or where they are. Not a fun situation!

Luckily you can avoid this kind of drama with a few simple tips.

  1. If equipment you were using is lost or stolen, contact the person in charge of equipment management as soon as possible. The sooner a theft is reported to the police or the search for a missing item is started the better the odds of recovering the equipment.
  2. Always keep track of who last used equipment. This will save you valuable time once something goes missing. Avoid having to contact everyone on your team just to establish who last used a missing piece of equipment!
  3. Store the details of all of your equipment in one place so you can easily file a report. Do you know the serial numbers of all of your equipment by heart? Keep track of this information so you can easily file a police report to have the best chance of reclaiming your valuable equipment.
  4. Don’t just check equipment out, check it in as well so reporting of theft or loss can be done as quickly as possible. By requiring items to be checked in you notice that an item is missing when it is overdue, not when it is urgently needed two weeks later.
  5. Keep track of all of your equipment to minimize the impact of an item being stolen or lost. If you have a full overview of all of your material you can quickly find a spare or know if you need to order a replacement.
  6. Use the right software and tools. You don’t use a horse-drawn cart to get around, so why would you use an equally outdated method to track your equipment? Spreadsheets are an improvement over pen and paper, but they have their drawbacks too. Using the right tools will make your equipment management and your business as a whole more efficient.

It is difficult to 100% prevent loss and theft of your assets – but you can prepare yourself to handle the inevitable so it has less of an impact on your business!

And this is just one of the many ways in which modern software can make your life easier – read here how they can improve your relationship with your clients.

This guest blog was written by Henri Van Bost, Marketing & Content Manager for CHEQROOM. He loves new technology, with a focus on how it can make our everyday lives easier and more comfortable!