Release 2.15: Change Log

Our new release 2.15 is out! After 8 weeks of intense work, we’ve added many new features and improvements that will help you work faster and manage your business better.

This is the complete change log:

1. New e-signature infrastructure: After a thorough internal review, we discovered that almost 5% of Knowify e-signature attempts by 3rd parties (ie, your customers) were encountering difficulties. Most of these issues were due to old browsers or very high security settings, but even still we knew that that % was much too high. We completely rebuilt e-signature as a result. We expect far fewer issues going forward, with the added benefit of a better mobile-phone experience.

New e-Signature site

2. We’ve deployed the infrastructure to process credit card and ACH payments from your customers. This feature will be available to everyone by the end of the year.

Process credit card and ACH payments

3. Quick import from spreadsheet for plans and proposals: Easily paste multiple lines from any spreadsheet to a project plan or proposal in Knowify. This feature gets you one step closer to eliminating any double entry of data.

4. Ability to add manual locations when our map service cannot find the address. This will help you deal with new developments. Just drop a pin in the map so that we can get the exact GPS location.

5. Better support for taxes in Canada and Mexico: for our international users, we have improved the ability of Knowify to manage multiple tax rates in one single invoice.

Tax rates at the line item level

6. Improved sorting of line items in invoices.

7. Maintenance contracts: we have modified the language in our default template to better support per-visit billing. Keep in mind that we can customize these outputs for you. Just ping our customer support team.

8. Editing purchase orders will now modify any associated billable items when dealing with time and materials jobs.

9. Faster management of purchase orders: for those dealing with hundreds of open POs, we have improved the PO section to speed it up.

10. When you convert a service ticket into a contract job, we have improved the management of existing purchases and time entries so that they all display in the plan&track section.

11. We finally got rid of certain validations we had in the clients and vendors sections around emails. Now you can create/update different clients/vendors with the same email if you wish to.

12. Vendors marked as subcontractors (or 1099s) can be associated with mobile users now. This will let you give access to our smartphone app to your subs if you wish to.

Subs with mobile access

13. When processing vendor bills, we have included a warning if you are trying to add an invoice number that already exists on Knowify. This will avoid any double-entry issues.

14. Faster management of time entries: the review time section will be faster with our latest changes.

15. When adding new users, we have a new feature that helps you autocomplete the email address. Quite simple, but who wants to type all these domain names?

16. When creating invoices for your clients, you can now set the the markup for items coming from your catalog. We will also pull both cost and list price for these items.

17. Our catalog section has changed. There was unanimous feedback from the Knowify community to make it a regular table, so it was pretty obvious what we had to do.

18. Support for inventory items in catalog. You can now import inventory items from QuickBooks Online into Knowify.

19. Variable deliverables in other agreements will let you bill your customers by visit. Knowify will calculate the number of visits based on the number of time entries when you are about to create the invoice.

20. Support for QuickBooks Online categories: this is just a first step towards merging QuickBooks Online categories with Knowify tags in the catalog. This will be fully functional by the end of this year.

21. Final deployment of our infrastructure to support QuickBooks Desktop.

Stay tuned, because we have many improvements coming up by the end of the year, namely all our new features around our partnership with GAF and the ability to process credit card payments with Knowify.

If you have any questions or wish to share your feedback, you can find us at

The Knowify Team