Release 2.20: Change Log

Our new release is out! Get ready for a long list of new features and improvements, including some of the most requested features in Knowify history.

This is the complete change log:

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Release 2.19: Change Log

Our version 2.19 contains exciting improvements to Knowify.

This is the complete change log:

1. When creating owner contracts, you have the ability to select whether you wish to user regular invoice or schedule of values to bill your clients.


2. We have improved the experience around adding subcontractors to project plans. Now you don’t need to save the changes before selecting the subcontractor.

3. Taxes in proposals and estimates have improved to rely on the existing list of tax rates. If your account is connected to QuickBooks, you can create new rates in QuickBooks and Knowify will pull them automatically. If you are not connected to QuickBooks, you can create new rates in the admin section of Knowify (Customize / Tax Rates). If you connected to QuickBooks at some point and then disconnected, please contact our customer service team for assistance on how to create new tax rates.


4. With catalog templates you don’t have to itemize materials and labor any longer. You can just enter materials, labor and subs budgets for the unit of work and they will be automatically calculate when used in the project plan.


5. If you are connected to QuickBooks, your account will rely on any payment terms you have defined in QuickBooks. This way the sync of invoices with QuickBooks will always respect the payment terms you have included in the invoice.

6. In the Customize section of the Admin panel, you can now set your default payment terms.

7. We have improved the user interface in many sections, especially by grouping icons into a drop-down menu. This change will simplify the interface and help you identify the available options. This new interface is available for new users only but will be rolled out to everyone over the next month.


8. The interface in plan & track has also changed and there are two new drop-down menus grouping ‘allocate from inventory’ and ‘order materials’, and also ‘schedule resources’ and ‘enter time’.

9. We have introduced a large number of improvements to job board, including the ability to unschedule jobs, filter resources, group by departments and allocate entire crews into a job, or real-time information about check ins.


10. The welcome email for new mobile users has been improved to include easier-to-follow instructions on how to get started.

11. Now you can use catalog services when adding new phases to a project plan. By doing so, the resulting contract will rely on the same catalog services.

12. Line items in owner contracts and GC bids can be edited even if the contract is active as long as they have not been billed, which means you will no longer need to revert the contract back to draft mode.

13. We have improved the information around the connection between phases, line items and catalog items. You will also be able to change the catalog connection even if the contract or the plan are active.


14. If you are connected to QuickBooks, we now support Locations when sending invoices and bills into QuickBooks. You can set a location for each job in the QuickBooks section (jobs tab).


15. For our international customers, we now support multiple tax rates in proposals and Schedule of Values invoices.

16. The PNL report will include subcontractors budgets when applicable.

17. Now we have the ability to import certain Estimates from QuickBooks.

18. Simple and advanced jobs reports include a new tab for rejected jobs.

19. We added Excel copy-paste functionality to Plan and Track, which will allow you to quickly create your list of materials.

20. The project plan report includes better information around subcontractors and budgets.

21. The ‘Dispatch Jobs’ section has been renamed as ‘Service Jobs’.

22. Payroll report includes now information about the department and job location.

23. Ability to edit time entries even if they have already been billed.

24. Now other agreements can take catalog items in the setup to create deliverables.

25. Time entries will now sync with QuickBooks with more accurate job information.

26. Work order outputs have been improved to better display the available information.

27. You can now convert QuickBooks subclients into Knowify jobs.

28. Improved access from project plan into foreman view.


29. We have strengthened our ability to pull payments from QuickBooks, including payments against multiple invoice.

30. Editing an invoice will now preserve the comments in the original invoice.

31. When importing phases into a project plan, you can set subcontractor budgets for these phases.

32. We have fixed minor bugs in the following sections:

– Payroll report (hours outside range)

– Catalog (more actions buttons)

– Re-assigning purchases to service jobs (billable item creation)

If you have any questions or wish to share your feedback, you can find us at

The Knowify Team

Release 2.18: Change Log

Our version 2.18 contains significant improvements to Knowify.

This is the complete change log: (it’s a long list!)

1. The high-level analytics are now much closer to real-time and more accurate. We’re sure many of you had at some point or another experienced frustration waiting for the Knowify Dashboard or Contract Jobs table to update with the current numbers. Well, those days are over: job-related numbers will now update immediately.


2. Subcontractors no longer have their own independent Phase type in Plan and Track. There were times when the old structure could create weird issues when you wanted to buy materials or have PM/supervision time as a part of a Subcontractor phase; now, since all phases can include labor, materials, or subs, this should be much easier to deal with. Also, you can select the Sub while you are budgeting if you wish to.

3. We’ve added a really cool new tool that checks with the email host you’re sending your proposals or invoices to to make sure that your client’s email address is correct before you hit send. This feature is not compatible with every email host, so it may not catch 100% of the errors, but it will catch a lot of them! Hopefully this will spare you from getting messages from us in the future letting you know that your emails bounced!

4. We’ve added a summary view for time across all your employees in the Time Tracker. Now you can quickly view the weekly totals per resource or day.

Time Overview

5. The Job Board scheduling tool has been enhanced to better support Service Tickets. (from Dispatch Jobs)

6. We added Excel copy-paste functionality to Plan and Track and Purchases, which will allow you to quickly create job budgets or purchase orders.

7. In the Customize section of the Admin panel, you can now set Knowify to hide all the closed jobs for job costing purposes or set default terms and exclusions for all your bids.


8. Tax management for non-US and non-QBO companies has been improved significantly.

9. Now we provide information about Payments in the Contract Jobs section. Just click on ‘Billed’ to see the Payments. You will also notice that we highlight the paid part of the revenue with a darker green color.


10. There are new data imports:

– Reviewed time

– Catalog

– Billable Items

11. In Review Time you can bulk allocate time entries to a specific job.


12. We’ve fixed issues around Invoice Number for deposit invoices.

13. The flow to create subcontractors has been improved to make it easier and faster. You can now create the vendor, set it as a subcontractor and select a role at the same time.

14. Logic to calculate retainage has been improved to account for change orders with retained amounts produced once the initial retainage has already been invoiced.

15. We provide additional information about retainage in the Contract Jobs section. Just click on ‘more info’ to better understand where this retainage comes from.


16. You can now fix check outs from your employees when they forget to do it on the same day that they checked in.

17. For those approving many time entries at the same time, the table will now send all the approved entries straight to history so that you can focus on the pending ones.

18. Job Costing Hubs lets you now assign items within the same PO to multiple jobs.

19. You have a significant changes in the Customize section for the Admin panel:

– New setting that let’s you set the company address as default for any new POs.

– New setting to limit budgeting to roles in Plan and Track. This might be convenient for companies that do not wish that certain PMs see the hourly wages of other employees. Contact to activate this setting.

– New section to manage the existing job Tags. There you can see what tags you are using and delete them.


– The setting to disregard scheduling is back and companies using it should have an improved experience in Enter Time section.

– New setting to enable and disable WIP.

– New setting to swap Name and Description when dealing with catalog items. Contact to activate this setting.

20. We have improved the flow to reject a bid, whether you do it from Contract Jobs, the Job Details or the Contract section.

21. We are working on our Dashboard Feed section to make it more useful and you’ll start seeing notifications when services tickets are completed and jobs or phases are closed.

22. Labor and Subcontractors can be disabled in the Plan and Track section after being enabled.

23. Draft project plans are now displayed in Job Board and are available for job costing purposes.

24. Knowify will not longer create billable items when time or purchases are allocated against jobs with no contract. If you wish to create billable items for them, you’ll have to setup an Other Agreement.

26. Both the Vendors and Billable Items sections have been improved to make them faster.

27. We have grouped actions in Review Time and Job Status to unclutter the interface.

28. RFI section will now suggest emails as we do in e-signature or email invoices sections.

29. Deleting a bill will free up taxes and shipping from associated POs.

30. The Job Status section gives you now access to the customer contact information.

31. The rates section calculates average budget costs for you roles based on the costs of all the resources with that role.

32. After sending a change order out for signature you will no longer be redirected to the Manage Contract Jobs section.

33. We have improved the information we provide about Unbilled value in Contracts Jobs. Now you can click on ‘more info’ and we’ll redirect to the Billable Items sections where you’ll see the billable items for that job and have the option to remove them if you don’t plan on billing the client for them.

34. There are structural changes to our sync with QuickBooks Online and new companies will have to go through a setup process to verify that all default settings are correct.

If you have any questions or wish to share your feedback, you can find us at

The Knowify Team

Release 2.16: Change Log

Our version 2.16 has been released 2 weeks ahead of schedule!

This is the complete change log:

1. Labor budgets can now be expressed as dollar values at the phase level rather than as man hours by role or resource. We would still strongly encourage you to budget by expected man hours if you can, since tracking against expected hours can provide better insights on job progress vs. expectation. But if you’re in a hurry, dollar-value budgeting is certainly better than nothing!

Labor Budgets

2. In Owner Contracts, you can now decide whether you want to display subtotals at the line item level or just a total value for the proposal.

Labor Budgets

3. You can now add custom Tags to your jobs, which will make it easier to find them in the main jobs table and, soon, to generate reports based on those tags. You can also use this feature as a simple CRM tool.

Job Tags

4. We have a new Reports section where you can easily find all the available reports in Knowify.

5. There is a new Purchases report, with all your purchases and catalog allocations for a given period of time. You can use it to adjust inventory and track purchases.

6. There is a new Time Card report, with all time entries for a given time frame. It will list each employee on a different tab

7. Catalog items can now be added to bills.

8. Improvements to Job Board. Besides, if you have Job Board enabled, you will get to schedule resources directly from Job Board instead of doing it on Plan & Track.

Job Tags

9. Support for IE 11 has been discontinued.

10. Validation of browser support for cookies and local storage. Please keep in mind Knowify relies on cookies and local storage to keep your session safe.

11. Improvements in simple and advanced jobs reports to better manage Project Manager, Sales Lead and job dates.

12. Deposits now relay on a catalog item instead of an account to sync with QuickBooks. Please set up this service in the QuickBooks section.

13. Weekly payroll report has now 1 week per tab.

14. Time cards sort entries by clients instead of by job.

15. Support in reports to handle job names with special characters ([]/\:).

16. Final deployment of our infrastructure to support QuickBooks Desktop.

If you have any questions or wish to share your feedback, you can find us at

The Knowify Team

Release 2.15: Change Log

Our new release 2.15 is out! After 8 weeks of intense work, we’ve added many new features and improvements that will help you work faster and manage your business better.

This is the complete change log:

1. New e-signature infrastructure: After a thorough internal review, we discovered that almost 5% of Knowify e-signature attempts by 3rd parties (ie, your customers) were encountering difficulties. Most of these issues were due to old browsers or very high security settings, but even still we knew that that % was much too high. We completely rebuilt e-signature as a result. We expect far fewer issues going forward, with the added benefit of a better mobile-phone experience.

New e-Signature site

2. We’ve deployed the infrastructure to process credit card and ACH payments from your customers. This feature will be available to everyone by the end of the year.

Process credit card and ACH payments

3. Quick import from spreadsheet for plans and proposals: Easily paste multiple lines from any spreadsheet to a project plan or proposal in Knowify. This feature gets you one step closer to eliminating any double entry of data.

4. Ability to add manual locations when our map service cannot find the address. This will help you deal with new developments. Just drop a pin in the map so that we can get the exact GPS location.

5. Better support for taxes in Canada and Mexico: for our international users, we have improved the ability of Knowify to manage multiple tax rates in one single invoice.

Tax rates at the line item level

6. Improved sorting of line items in invoices.

7. Maintenance contracts: we have modified the language in our default template to better support per-visit billing. Keep in mind that we can customize these outputs for you. Just ping our customer support team.

8. Editing purchase orders will now modify any associated billable items when dealing with time and materials jobs.

9. Faster management of purchase orders: for those dealing with hundreds of open POs, we have improved the PO section to speed it up.

10. When you convert a service ticket into a contract job, we have improved the management of existing purchases and time entries so that they all display in the plan&track section.

11. We finally got rid of certain validations we had in the clients and vendors sections around emails. Now you can create/update different clients/vendors with the same email if you wish to.

12. Vendors marked as subcontractors (or 1099s) can be associated with mobile users now. This will let you give access to our smartphone app to your subs if you wish to.

Subs with mobile access

13. When processing vendor bills, we have included a warning if you are trying to add an invoice number that already exists on Knowify. This will avoid any double-entry issues.

14. Faster management of time entries: the review time section will be faster with our latest changes.

15. When adding new users, we have a new feature that helps you autocomplete the email address. Quite simple, but who wants to type all these domain names?

16. When creating invoices for your clients, you can now set the the markup for items coming from your catalog. We will also pull both cost and list price for these items.

17. Our catalog section has changed. There was unanimous feedback from the Knowify community to make it a regular table, so it was pretty obvious what we had to do.

18. Support for inventory items in catalog. You can now import inventory items from QuickBooks Online into Knowify.

19. Variable deliverables in other agreements will let you bill your customers by visit. Knowify will calculate the number of visits based on the number of time entries when you are about to create the invoice.

20. Support for QuickBooks Online categories: this is just a first step towards merging QuickBooks Online categories with Knowify tags in the catalog. This will be fully functional by the end of this year.

21. Final deployment of our infrastructure to support QuickBooks Desktop.

Stay tuned, because we have many improvements coming up by the end of the year, namely all our new features around our partnership with GAF and the ability to process credit card payments with Knowify.

If you have any questions or wish to share your feedback, you can find us at

The Knowify Team

Knowify 2.9: Release Notes

Dear Knowify Community,

Over the last few days we have introduced a bunch of feature enhancements based on feedback we’ve received from you, especially on the mobile app side. As a result, this update introduces some important upgrades and improvements that should make your Knowify experience even better.

Mobile App

1) Find a Job / Check-in: Knowify now offers a Find function workers can use to find a job and check in, even if they’re not scheduled for that job. This means that you no longer have to schedule a worker first for the Knowify check in / checkout tab of the mobile app to function. (For workers you do schedule, the experience remains unchanged).

Find jobs

2) Switch Jobs: Workers no longer have to check out of one job to check into another. They can just use “Switch” at the top right of their screen.

Switch jobs

Web App

1) Edit POs: POs are now editable! Note: Only admins and users with unlimited purchasing authority will be able to access this feature.

2) Email Templates: You can now create account-level default email templates in the Admin Sections’s ‘Customize’ tab. Create standard verbiage, signatures, etc., that will populate on every email you create for specific types of transactions (i.e., proposal, invoice, etc.). Don’t worry – you will still be able to edit the emails each time you’re about to send one out.

3) Work Order Outputs: Now, when jobs go live, Knowify lets you create a printable work order PDF. All you need to do is click the “Work Order” link at the top-left of the Plan and Track screen.

Work order

Tweaks & Other Improvements

1) Knowify now offers a unit price option on the Bills processing table.

2) You can now preview PDFs of POs prior to sending them.

3) Deliverables in “Other Agreements” are now sortable.

Of course, there’s always more to come! So, keep sharing your feedback, and keep watching for updates.

The Knowify Team

Knowify 2.8: Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.8, which brings with it important changes to make Knowify both easier to use and more robust. We would encourage you to watch the following video tutorial as a way to familiarize yourself with the changes:

Watch video tutorial (4min)

Here is a list of the most relevant changes:

1. Job Costing Modes: When you create a job, you’ll now be able to select from among three different job costing modes – simple, advanced, and professional. Simple is the easiest, enabling you to track all labor and materials against a high-level “labor and materials” budget item for the job; advanced will let you track costs against budget items that match you bid line items; and professional will be the traditional Knowify experience, with custom project plans for project budgeting/tracking. You can set a default Job Costing Mode in the Admin panel (Customize section).

2. Service Templates + Unit-based budgeting: In the Knowify Catalog, you’ll now be able to create service templates with associated materials/labor requirements that can be used for quick estimating. For example, for an interior painting service you can define the unit as 100 square feet, and then specify that per 100 square feet you need .25 gal of topcoat, .5 gal of primer, and 30 minutes of tradesman time. When you bring up that service in plan and track, Knowify will ask you how many 100 square feet of wall you’ll be painting, and once you provide an input Knowify will scale the materials and labor budget items automatically.

3. Bill of Materials: You will now be able to break down bid and/or change order line items into specific sub-items using our bill of materials feature. Note that this is mostly an aesthetic feature, designed to let you (optionally) give your client more resolution on the service you’re bidding.

4. Job Colors: You may now give you job a color, which can be helpful for differentiating between jobs in the corporate calendar.

5. We have added a Profit and Loss (P&L) Report in Plan and Track.

6. We have added a workorder feature to Plan and Track that will automatically populate the work order area of the mobile app. Default work orders can be specified for the service template mentioned in (2) above.

7. We have revamped the “Add New” area of invoicing to make it easier to select a job to bill. We have also made invoicing for retainage much more intuitive.

8. You can now bulk-import items into the Schedule of Values for a GC (AIA-billing) job. Click the lightning bolt when editing the Schedule of Values.

9. Invoicing: In order to simplify the invoicing process, now you get to select the job before starting the process. This will send you to the appropriate section of Knowify based on the type of billing for the client.

10. Plan And Track Enhancements: Now, from the Plan And Track section, you can order materials, start the PO process or create a new bill. Also, you will be able to sort your phases.

11. Check in/out Improvements: We have made a few improvements to our check in/out section so that if your techs forget to check out, Knowify will automatically check them out next time they check in.

12. Quick Markup: In Owner Contracts and GC Bids, you can apply the same markup to all the line items by simply clicking the lightning bolt after entering the first markup.

Although we usually don’t comment on upcoming release items, we wanted to quickly mention that we have a major enhancement to Knowify scheduling coming soon, as well as some important changes to the mobile app. Additionally, we will be dramatically expanding the number of reports (and the quality of our reports) in the next release. The next few months should be exciting ones for Knowify – stay tuned!

As always, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the release, or if you’d like to share your thoughts about what you’d like to see in the platform.

Thank you,

The Knowify Team

Estimating and Scheduling with Knowify 2.3.0

Our new version is out and it comes with BIG improvements! With this update, we’re getting closer to fulfilling our promise of bringing job cost estimation, project management, scheduling, and real time actual vs. budget performance together in one place.

Estimating and Scheduling with Knowify

Release Notes:

  1. It is now possible to do job cost estimation with job roles (ie, “this task will require 100 man hrs of Foreman time”).
  2. The term ‘Milestone’ has been replaced in the project plan; we now refer to ‘Phases’ (this is merely a change in name).
  3. You no longer have to schedule job phases or tasks during project plan creation. When you’re ready to build your plan schedule – for example, after your bid is accepted – click “Enable Scheduling” at the top right of the project plan interface.
  4. Scheduling at the resource level (person or equipment) can be handled directly through the project plan now.
  5. Additional (unscheduled) resources can be added to the list in Foreman’s view for timekeeping.
  6. Purchasing has been added to the mobile app (should be available on GooglePlay tomorrow, Apple AppStore within 10 business days).
  7. We have added significant additional infrastructure to the “Rates” section of the admin panel. We recommend that you check that section right away and make any updates you feel are necessary. We expect to push an update reintroducing overtime calculations in Knowify numbers soon.

Knowify 2.0

Our new release is live: Welcome to Knowify 2.0!

These are our main enhancements:

  1. Foundation for our exciting new Service Tickets module, which we will enable this weekend (no further downtime is expected).
  2. Dashboard Feed to enhance communications within your organization.
  3. Significant enhancements to the mobile app to support the service tickets features. Google and Apple are reviewing the app update now; you should be able to download the Android version on Monday, and the iOS version by the end of next week.
  4. Improved performance of the system, particularly in the TimeTracker.

Thank you again for choosing Knowify to help run your business. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, or if you encounter any issues with the new release.

New Release for Contractors (RFI and more!)

We’re pleased to announce the release of some exciting new features in Knowify. Task Management and RFIs just got better thanks to the feedback from the Knowify community!

Release Notes:


Now you can send RFIs through Knowify and collect the information you need from the GC, architect, etc. Knowify will store all RFIs in one place, which will reduce paper, increase organization and save time.

Task Management

After launching on-the-fly task management one month ago, we have been working hard to make it even better. Now you can (1) see what tasks are blocking progress in your job, (2) create dependencies across tasks and milestones, or (3) let people in your organization mark tasks as completed when they are done. With Knowify task management, scheduling, progress tracking, and collaboration across teams has never been easier.

If you have questions about these changes, please do not hesitate to reach out at If you wish to, we’ll walk you through the changes and answer any questions you might have.

-The Knowify Team