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All your changes under control

Change order management

Having a process in place to create and manage changes is essential to keep your projects under control. Projects evolve and customers change their minds, so you need to be ready to account for that, regardless of the size of the project. With Knowify, you can easily track change orders from request until approval, making them available for invoicing only when they are approved and for the applicable billing period.


Create, distribute, and track change orders across jobs


Make the process paperless with e-signature


Connect the quoting and invoicing sides of your business

Change order section displaying the breakdown for a new CO | Change order management | Knowify
Rely on a process that works

Simplified change order process

When changes occur, you want to capture all the backup information and send a change order request to the customer to get it signed and approved. Avoid future disputes and misunderstandings by putting a system in place that helps your business account for all project changes. Knowify will do the heavy lifting for you, keeping everything organized and in one place. If you work for a customer that has their own change order numbering, you can also track that while still relying on your own numbering.

Account for all the changes

Change orders ready for billing

Easily create change orders for your contracts, including any documentation, breakdowns, and backup documentation required by your customer. Keep all these change orders organized, with status tracking. Once a change order is approved, Knowify will automatically make it available for invoicing in the appropriate billing cycle.

Invoicing section listing COs available for the current billing cycle | Change order management | Knowify

What Knowify users are saying

“I noticed I was way over budget and it didn’t make sense. So I looked into it further on Knowify, and discovered that my guys had done extra work. I was able to get a change order out immediately. Catching that was worth thousands of dollars to me.”

Matt Curatola

President, MPC Plumbing and Heating

“Knowify excels in connecting the user with the client in terms of financials. Contracts are made easily and change order management is a breeze.

Gavin Dunn

Owner, Castle Electric

Change order contract ready to be approved | Change order management | Knowify
Switch to digital documentation

Paperless change order management

Misplaced change order documents? We’ve all been there. The best process is the one that doesn’t leave room for errors or misunderstandings with the customer. Your business reputation is at stake, so don’t trust paper processes to run your organization. Send professional change orders via email, tracking the status approval digitally, and give your customer the option to approve them online, saving you time and headaches.

Experience the Knowify difference

Meet a Knowify product expert on a video screenshare, where you’ll get help setting up your trial account, get your questions answered, and ensure you’re set up for success with Knowify.