The Compelling Math of a Comprehensive, Cloud-Based Platform

As you know, Knowify is a cloud based platform of business management tools. Unlike some of our competitors, we are very transparent about our pricing. And why not? We think that our customers – both current and future – are unlikely to find many things with value propositions as compelling as Knowify’s. Here’s why:

Think about all the time lost – small amounts every day, larger amounts once or twice a month – from little inefficiencies in your business processes. These are things like handing off POs to be signed, figuring out the purchasing history behind an invoice, or figuring out when you should schedule an important meeting. Then there are larger time sinks – looking way back through your file cabinets to see if you can find some old record that could be very helpful to some current job, or syncing up the team in the middle of a complex project, or matching billable time and purchases to contract terms. For a single person, these slippages probably cost them one or two hours a month. As you add more people, which virtually guarantees lower levels of visibility and higher business complexity, these slippages probably grow to five or ten hours per person per month. And that’s if nothing’s really going wrong!

Using the latest data available  (BLS Aug. 2014), US average hourly earnings are $24.53. That means that a twenty person company with a very modest 5 hours of business process “slippage” per person per month is losing $2453 per month to inefficiency! Ouch! If they were paying $119 / month for Knowify and Knowify lowered that number to 1 hour per person per month, you would save more than $1,840 per month! And that doesn’t even consider bookkeeping savings or the benefits to planning or growth that come from being better organized and more productive. One of our customers recently wrote to share that they’ve gone from a full time bookkeeper to one twice a month because Knowify has so improved their ability to translate their business processes to accounting, so their return on their monthly investment in Knowify must be very significant indeed.

Affordable, easy-to-use 21st century business tools are available for your business. Give Knowify a try, and if in 30 days you don’t think the value proposition I’ve laid out above ultimately applies to your business, you can cancel without ever having paid a cent.

Just remember: if you have 20 people in your company, every day you wait could be costing you $100!