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Make your business stand out

Custom templates

There are over 1 million construction businesses in the United States and 3 million such businesses in the European Union. Contractors worldwide face a similar dilemma: how to stand out from their peers. Since every contractor is going to claim that they can do the work, it usually comes down to other factors. One thing that we stress at Knowify is professionalism; Knowify has been built from the ground-up to help you make a good impression with your counterparties.


Stand out from the your competitors


Reinforce your brand with customers


Impress counterparties with your professionalism

Example of a proposal template | Custom templates | Knowify feature
Create a professional, trustworthy image

Business documentation

An example of this is our custom templating engine, which we use to make sure that all of your customer-facing documents—bids, change orders, invoices, RFIs, submittals, and more—reflect your company’s brand image while also being clean, modern, and easy to understand. In short, our custom templates make you look like a heavyweight player no matter your size.

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Capture your brand

Brand-centric documentation

Every Knowify company is unique. If you do custom cabinetry for high end homes, maybe you want your brand image to be one of elegance and refinement; if you do concrete or structural steel for commercial projects, maybe you want your brand image to be one of strength and dependability. Whatever your goal, we can help you develop a document set that speaks to your image. Beyond just design though, we are information architects; that means that the custom documents we prepare for you will be crisp, clear, and easy to read. A strong brand image plus attractive, professional documents is a powerful one-two punch that can help you impress your clients and win more work.

What Knowify users are saying about our custom templates

“We tried a lot of apps and Knowify was the only one who offered to customize our proposal templates which helped us extremely since we live in Quebec and needed french communication to our customers.”

Nadia Dupuis

VP, Construction LCE

“Customer support is second to none. Issues are usually responded to and dealt with, within the hour. Easy to navigate and intuitive.”

Max Picton

Partner, Sun-Oak Construction

Preview of a proposal with the breakdown and terms of agreement | Quoting and e-signature | Knowify
Little tips and tricks

Documents as a competitive edge

There are many things that our template designers have learned over the years that can help improve your client relationships or tip the scales in your favor on a bid. For example, if you have lots of awesome reviews on AngiesList™, why not include a few of them on your bid documents? Homeowners love to be reminded that they are seeing a proposal from someone who has impressed other homeowners in the past. We also recommend including a line on your invoices to let your customers provide feedback or ask questions, so that if there’s anything they don’t understand you’ll be only a click away from providing clarification. We also recommend adding a referral request to your final invoice so that satisfied customers can know how to refer you to their family and friends! 

Experience the Knowify difference

Meet a Knowify product expert on a video screenshare, where you’ll get help setting up your trial account, get your questions answered, and ensure you’re set up for success with Knowify.