Add New AIA Invoice

For help in understanding AIA invoices, view our tutorial video by clicking this link.

  1. Enter in the latest date for this billing period. You will then be able to invoice for any completed work between the date you enter, and the date of the last payment application.
  2. Retainage for work and materials, as stated in the contract.
  3. Select payment terms (i.e NET7, NET30, etc.) for this invoice.
  4. The payment application number.
  5. Invoice number
  6. The billing period will also show here. Click (change) to alter the date.
  7. Line items that are available to be invoiced.
  8. The original value of the line item.
  9. The amount this line item has already been billed for, from previous payment applications.
  10. Completed Work
  11. Stored materials
  12. The amount of stored materials from the previous billing period.
  13. Invoice by percentages, or by dollar amounts.
  14. Finalize and submit this payment application for the invoice.
  15. Preview a PDF version of the invoice and pay application within a popup window.
  16. Show the changes you made that this invoice will output, without opening a popup.
  17. As a general rule, do not use free mode. It will allow invoices to go through that contain errors, which may affect the contract job and your QuickBooks account. Enable free mode if instructed by our customer success team, so that we may fix any issues that come with free mode before they arise.