Add New Purchase

Use this tab to enter in new purchases, and allocate them to jobs to help keep track of your job costs.

  1. Purchase type

  2. Select the Vendor you would like to prepare a purchase for.
  3. Enter the item you would like to order. If the item is in your catalog, the details of the item will populate in the nearby boxes. If the item is not in your catalog, you are able to type the item in manually.
  4. The item number of the material. This is an optional field that can be used if your vendor organizes material by a numbering system. 
  5. Enter how many unites you would like to order.
  6. Enter in the expected cost of the material
  7. Select a job phase to allocate this purchase to. This feature is made to help keep track of job costs.
  8. You are able to add as many items as you would like to order. Click Add Another Item to add another row.
  9. If you have the purchase items all set in a spreadsheet, you can copy and paste them in directly. Once you click Copy Items from Spreadsheet, a popup will show an area to copy and paste:

  10. Feel free to add additional information, including the date you are making the purchase.
  11. Assigning your purchases with Purchase Order numbers is a great way to keep organized. Enable this feature to add the number. We will populate the next expected PO number, but our verify button is a feature made to double-check the number has never been used in the past.
  12. If you would like to attach any additional documents