Add New Service

  1. Name of the service you would like to add.
  2. Check this box to create a service template. This is used to insert a pre-costed job phase into a contract job. Templates are described in the image below.
  3. Brief description of the service.
  4. Scope of work. This will be included on work orders when added to a job.
  5. Enter in a tag to find this service more quickly. Whatever you decide to call the tag, you can search for the tag rather than the full name of the service to add it to a job more quickly.
  6. Select payment terms. Have payment be due on signing or due on completion.
  7. Enter in the price you charge to complete this service.
  8. Save changes and add the service into the catalog.
  9. The more actions menu is best when editing a product or service. Actions include deleting, disabling (making temporarily inactive, but still in the system), or switching the service into a product instead.
  10. Go back to the main catalog and cancel all changes.

  11. When a template is enabled, you can create pre-constructed job phases. Click the button to view a video tutorial on creating templates.
  12. Service templates are costed out on a per-unit basis, such as cost per square feet. Enter that unit here.
  13. Enter in the price per unit you indicated.
  14. You can choose to enter in a labor cost on a per-unit basis, or you can choose to cost out a specific amount of labor hours per unit. In the example above, a Foreman is costed out for 5 minutes per foot of labor. Once you enter in the number of feet when adding the template to a project, Knowify will automatically calculate the true number of hours of labor. To enable this, click “Budget Labor by Hour”. Click Add Labor to add a specific role.
  15. Enter in the number of hours needed to complete one unit of work.
  16. Click the X to delete the cost.
  17. Add materials on a per-unit basis as well. 
  18. Enter in the amount of materials you need to complete one unit of work.