Adding Knowify Users Without Email Addresses

If you need to give employees access to your Knowify account, but they don’t have a company e-mail, they can still be added by creating a fake address to serve as their login.

To start, add your employee in the User tab of your Admin Section:

Then when filling out the employee information, make up an e-mail that they will be able to remember:

This does not need to be an actual e-mail address, it’s just going to serve as their method of logging in to the software. Once you add the user, you’ll want to click their name again to set their password:

This will allow you to manually set a password for this user, and all you will need to do is supply your employee with the e-mail address and password chosen so they can login to the app. 

**NOTE: If you choose to setup a user like this, the employee will not be able to reset their own password or receive email notifications from Knowify**