Additional Contract Options

When you are creating a fixed price contract in Knowify you will be able to adjust both the output style and invoicing style in the contract/proposal section of the job.

additionalcontractoptions Additional Contract Options

Output Style

  • The output style refers to the display on your proposal/contract document. You can choose to show the line item prices so that all prices are displayed on the document (markup is still hidden) or you can hide the line item subtotals so that the only price displayed is the total contract value at the bottom.


lineitemsubs Additional Contract Options

Invoice Style

  • You will also have the option to choose between the standard invoice or the Schedule of Values invoice*.
sov Additional Contract Options


*Please note that each contract can only have one invoice style, so there is not a way to switch between standard and schedule of values after the job has already been invoiced.

Project Description

You can also enable the “Project Description” field, which allows you to put in a description or general details about the project to be displayed above the line items.

projectdescription Additional Contract Options
projectdescription2 Additional Contract Options

If you’re interested, you can enable the project description in your admin section:

projectdescription3 Additional Contract Options

Then just send an email to and let us know where/how you want it displayed on the template!