Screen-Shot-2018-01-17-at-1.07.40-PM-2 Rates
  1. Use this table to calculate your resource costs/labor burden rates. 
  2. Show rates for users that have been marked 
  3. Resource name. Resources can be users, subcontractors, or equipment.
  4. Select whether this resource’s salary/cost is yearly or monthly.
  5. Enter in the resource’s salary/cost rate.
  6. Employee benefits
  7. Tax rate
  8. Insurance/Workers’ Compensation
  9. Union fees
  10. Other benefits
  11. Enable overtime eligibility
  12. Final calculated hourly rate for this resource.
  13. Specify how overtime is calculated, either by exceeding a daily hour maximum, weekly hour maximum, or never.
  14. Enter the number of hours needed to exceed to qualify for overtime pay.
  15. Save changes
    Screen-Shot-2018-01-17-at-1.07.53-PM-1 Rates
  16. Set default budgeting and billing rates for roles, where a resource is not specified. This column is the list of roles in your system so far.
  17. Set a default billing rate for this role.
  18. Set a default budgeting rate for this role. Your actual costs may be different if your resource has a different cost than this budgeting rate.
  19. Delete this role.
  20. Add a new role.
  21. Save changes.