Approving Purchases and Approval Authority

When you are setting up your users in Knowify, you have the option to set a user’s approval authority and direct manager. The approval authority is the user’s limit where any purchase above that amount will need to be approved. The direct manager is the person in charge of approving said purchases that are above the approval authority. You also have the option of giving a user unlimited approval authority which eliminates the need for a direct manager.

When the user is creating the purchase, they will see who their direct manager is and also have the option to add additional user(s) to approve (only administrators of the account will show as options).

When the manager logs in, under their purchases section, they will see their purchases and the “company purchases” separated in the same page. Company purchases are ones submitted by other users, and may or may not require approval. Here the manager has the option to approve the purchase (which allocates the cost of the PO to the job), reject the purchase, or they can forward the right to approve the purchase to another user in the account.

Please email if you need more information about this process!