Add New Bill

  1. Upload a bill document from your computer if
  2. Choose to create this bill by referencing the vendor name. Once selected, a list of items from open purchases relating to this vendor will populate.
  3. Process the bill by a Purchase Order number. Input the number, and a list of items from that purchase will populate.
  4. When processing by Vendor, select the vendor from this dropdown. You can search for the vendor by typing in at least 3 characters within the vendor name.
  5. Enter in the date of the invoice you received for your purchases.
  6. Enter in the payment terms of the bill, which refers to when the bill should be paid off. Here are the options to choose from:
    Choose N/A if there are no specific terms. For other options, select the number of days it is due from when this bill is created. Selecting NET15 indicates the bill must be paid within 15 days of the bill creation date, or will be marked as overdue.
  7. Enter in the invoice number you received on the invoice from the vendor.
  8. Bill due date
  9. Include purchase in bill
  10. Exclude purchase from bill
  11. Add another item to this bill.


  1. PO Number
  2. Find PO Items