How Can I Undo Previously Approved Time Entries?

When a Knowify user is granted permission, he or she is able to enter the hours worked. If time was assigned inaccurately for a job or if the number of hours allotted was mistakenly approved, it is possible to undo the approval and make a correction. You can correct the time entry allocation by following the guide below:

In this example, we will move time from the job “Wrong Job for Time Entries” back over to “Correct Job for Time Entries”.

First, move over to the Review Time tab within the Time Tracker Module:

Once in the Review Time tab, click the checkbox to Show Reviewed time to reveal all of the approved time entries within the highlighted date range:

Now, the approved times that were allocated to “Wrong Job for Time Entries” have been revealed. Click the highlighted counter-clockwise arrows to undo the approval, which reverts it to a submitted time entry:

If the time entries have been unapproved, (1) click the edit button, represented by the paper and pencil icon. When in edit mode, it is possible to change the job by (2) clicking directly on the job name in question. This opens up the drop down menu below, where you can select from the list, or type to search. Click the correct phase name found under the job name, found in bold:

(3) Save when completed.

The correct job has been chosen below, and you are able to re-approve the time entries.

Now, our contract jobs section reflects costs at the correct job: