I Can’t Find my Knowify Jobs in QuickBooks

First, you will need to make sure your “Jobs As Subclients” feature is turned on.
If you have the feature turned on, and you’re not seeing the job show up as a Sub-Client in QuickBooks, you should go to the General Information tab of the project:
Next, press the edit button, to bring up the jobs settings. Once you’re in the Edit Job screen, you simple need to press “Save Changes” to ensure it’s synced with QuickBooks:
Next, navigate to your QuickBooks module:
It should bring you the the “Transactions” page, which will show you anything that’s moved between QuickBooks and Knowify:
At the top of the list should be a Complete transaction labeled Client, Update, Knowify, and the description will be the name of the job. If it says “Update”, it means the job was already in QuickBooks, if it says “Create” it means that the job was never created in QuickBooks (this happens if the job was created before “Jobs as Subclients” was turned on in your account).
To view this client in QuickBooks, click where it says “Complete” on the lefthand side of the screen, and it will open up QBO to the client created (you will need to be logged in):
If you see an error in this transaction, the job was likely already created as a subclient in QuickBooks already using the same name, which causes QuickBooks to reject the duplicate. If you change the name of the client in QuickBooks or the job in Knowify, everything should sync accordingly!