Check In/Out View

  1. Use this toolbar to search for a particular entry. You can search by job, client, resource, or any text within those categories.
  2. Change the date range to view more or less check in/out entries. Clicking it will reveal an area to enter in the two dates.
  3. A manual entry can be created right from the desktop. Click Add New Entry and enter in the corresponding information:

  4. Resource Name – The employee that submitted a time entry
  5. The job and phase the employee added time to
  6. The time and location the employee checked in on their mobile device.
  7. The time and location the employee checked out on their mobile device.
  8. Total time submitted for approval for this entry.
  9. Hover your mouse/cursor over the phone icon to reveal what type of phone the employee is using.
  10. Clicking the trash can deletes this submitted entry.