Dashboard Card: Contract Jobs Overview

  1. Active – This shows the number of contract jobs that are currently active in your account. You can find this list in your “Manage Contract Jobs” screen and filter to Active jobs:
  2. Unbilled Value – This value shows the total value of all of your fixed price contracts and change orders that have been approved by clients, but has not been invoiced yet:
  3. Bids – This is the number of jobs/contracts that are currently listed as bidding, or pending change order. You can see them in your “Manage Contract Jobs” screen by filtering to “Bidding” or “Pending Change”:
  4. Opportunity Value – This is the value of all outstanding bids and change orders that have not been signed by the customer yet. Once signed, these values will move from Opportunity Value to Unbilled Value. You can see this presented in your Manage Contracts Jobs table as well: