How Do I Edit the Address of a Service Ticket?

The address of a service ticket can be edited while the ticket is scheduled. Click on the edit button to modify the information of the ticket:



The current address of this example ticket is 45 Broadway in New York City. To change it, click within the Address Lookup box and make the appropriate changes:

As soon as you click the address from the dropdown menu that populates, both the address and map will change immediately:


If the address lookup is unable to find the exact address you are looking for, you can always set the location manually, highlighted below:


Upon selecting a manual address entry, a job site address map and address details box will be populate. Zoom in as close as you would like, and click a location on the map. Once a location is selected, fill in the address of this location:


While you are able to select any area of the map, it will not automate the exact address. Get as close to the location as possible and fill in the rest of the information manually: