Foreman View

  1. Select the day you would like to enter in time for. You can use the arrows to go through days individually, or click on the date to open up a calendar view to select a specific date.
  2. When a phase is selected, the corresponding job name and client will show here. 
  3. Select the phase of the job you would like to enter time in for. 
  4. This column will display the names of all of your employees. Move to the next column in the corresponding row to the employee you would like to record time for.
  5. The middle column is where you can enter in time. Entries will default to hours when typed. For example, typing in 8 will revert to 08:00. To type in minutes, type a colon first. An entry such as :40 will then reflect as 00:40.
  6. In the last column, you have the option to include a description of the time entry. This could include any notes, information from the job site, etc.