Getting Started

The Getting Started tab is available to anyone still in trial mode. This is a useful page to help you get started.

  1. Start creating a new job.
  2. Customize your account, including your logo, company information, users, etc.
  3. The apprentice checklist is a useful guide to make sure you have a good feel for Knowify. While optional, we recommend completing the apprentice checklist as a way to improve your Knowify navigation skills.
  4. View our tutorial on how to create a job.
  5. Click this link to view our youtube channel, containing all of our tutorials. These include a range of videos, from full overview guides to specific applications within Knowify.
  6. A direct link to our documentation section. If you are reading this, you found it!
  7. Request a training session with one of our customer success representatives. In these trainings, our team meets with you 1 on 1 through a screen-share session, and provides hands-on assistance to help you use Knowify best. These slots typically fill up fast, so try and schedule a session for the following week.
  8. Upload cost codes into your catalog. These can be your own, or a pre-programmed list: