How Can I Convert a Service Job into a Contract Job?

If you’ve started to setup a job as a Service Ticket and it needs to be converted into a Contract Job, but you don’t want to lose any of the data, Knowify has a feature to automate this for you. First, go to your Service Map, locate the ticket you’d like to convert and click it. This will make it show the edit options in the map to the right:

You’ll see that this ticket has comments and images uploaded to it. These will carry over to the job so they are not lost. To convert this into a Contract Job, you simply click the button in the menu on the right that reads “Convert to Contract Job”:

This will create a blank job with the same name as the ticket that has all of the costs, comments, and images that were uploaded:

And you will be able to create a full contract and track the project as if it were any other contract job, with no data lost.