How Do I Import QuickBooks Subcustomers into Knowify Jobs?

Knowify has the ability to create a subclient in QuickBooks for every Contract Job you create, and you can learn more by clicking here.

However, if you’re starting a new Knowify account and you want to pull in your QuickBooks Subclients and Knowify Jobs so you can use the same features shown above, you have this ability in your Getting Started Screen by using the “Import Jobs” feature. First, we’ll want to find a job that is set up correctly as a subcustomer in QuickBooks. See the example below:

This customer should be pulled into Knowify automatically when you connect to QuickBooks, but it will be shown as a subcustomer. To get to to show up as a job, you use the Import Job Now button:

This will pull up your client list so you can search for the correct subcustomer:

and when it is selected, you will see a confirmation message:

and this will create a blank job for you to start tracking in Knowify.

To enter job data against this to bring it up to date, you can check out our guide on logging existing projects into a new Knowify account by clicking here!

If you have more questions on this, please do not hesitate to reach out to and we’re happy to help!