How Do I Make a Knowify User Inactive/Active?

If you have a user in your Knowify account that you no longer need or is no longer working with your company, the best practice is to make the user inactive instead of deleting them. To do this, first go to your Admin Section in the Users Tab:

Click the name of the user you would like to deactivate to bring up the edit screen:

The “More Actions” menu at the bottom of this window will have the option to “Disable User“, which will prevent them from logging in, and remove them from your Knowify subscription pricing, but save all of their data that has been logged against the job.


**NOTE: if you choose to DELETE a user, this will remove all time and data entered by this user and it will NOT be recoverable. ALWAYS disable first unless you’re 100% sure you need the data removed**

If you need to re-activate this user, you can do so in the same users tab by clicking “Show Inactive” at the top of the screen:

You can then click this user to pull up the edit menu again, and choose “Enable User” at the bottom of the window:

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