How to Delete or Close a Purchase in Knowify

If you’ve created a purchase in Knowify that you want to remove from the cost of a job, you can either close or delete it. If you close a purchase, Knowify will remove the cost from the job but keep a record. If you delete the purchase, it will also clear the cost, but there will no longer be a record of the transaction.

First, we’ll cover closing a purchase (note: this can only be done on a purchase labeled as “vendor will invoice”):

To Close a Purchase, you can click the icon in Manage Active Purchases:

or you can open purchase details and close from the actions menu:

Then this will remove the cost from the jobs the purchase is against, and the transaction will be saved in “View History” at the top of the screen:


Next, if you would like to Delete a Purchase (this can be done for any kind of purchase) you also want to start in the “View History” tab, and click the “View Details” option on this purchase:

This will open the same page and actions menu, only this time you can choose to delete:

And this will completely remove the transaction with your account. If you have more questions on this, please email