How to Manually Adjust Retainage on an AIA Style Job

If you’re working with Knowify’s AIA style invoice and need to make a manual adjustment to the amount retained on a job, you can do this through the “Retainage Adjustment” feature. To access this you’ll first need to use the “Free Mode” option in our invoice builder. 

*NOTE: By enabling free mode, Knowify will not validate any of the information you enter in this application for payment. This is convenient if you are trying to create a catch-up application for payment. Otherwise it is not recommended because it might result in incorrect values.*

Once Free Mode is chosen, you’ll see an option to make a retainage adjustment:

Changing this number effects the amount of retainage that you are invoicing in this pay period (To increase the amount retained, you can enter a negative number):

Once this invoice has been completed, you’ll want to make sure you continue to make this adjustment for future pay applications to ensure that the value is not retained or invoiced a second time:

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