How to Schedule a Contract Job with a Start and End time

When you are scheduling for contract jobs in Knowify, choosing a date is essentially scheduling an employee for the full day of work. Service tickets are scheduled for hours within the day, so you can set an appointment start and end time. We don’t limit you to how many jobs you can schedule an employee on in a day, so that they can be scheduled on all of the jobs they need to check in/out for. 

If you need to refine the schedule on a contract job to a time range (instead of amount of hours), you can navigate to the Resource Day section.
Here, you can select a single day and choose an employee/resource to view what they have been scheduled on. To edit any allocation, you can click the pencil icon for any of the jobs scheduled:

When editing the allocation, you can change the type to Time Range, instead of hours, and you can set the start and end times/dates:


For related information on how to use the job board, you can watch our scheduling tutorial here

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