How to Import Time from TSheets to Knowify

Once your Knowify account is connected to TSheets (click here to find out how to connect) you can import entries from your TSheets accounts into Knowify jobs for Labor Costing.

To do this, you’ll need to ensure that you have the “Jobs as Subclients” feature enabled in Knowify. You can learn more about how this works by clicking here. This makes it so you can create jobs in Knowify and push them to QuickBooks as Subcustomers, which will pull into TSheets as jobs. See below:

First, create a job in Knowify. In this example, we’ll use services from our catalog as well to control which phase of the job the time is costed:

Once the job is created in Knowify, open up TSheets and Import data from QuickBooks:

Now that the job is in TSheets, time can be entered against the job. You can also choose which service item the time is for, to point at a specific phase of the job:

Once the time is saved in TSheets, you can open up Knowify to the Review Time screen. In Review Time, you’ll see a button labeled “Import TSheets”:

This will prompt you for the date you’d like to import/sync from. This will pull any entries made since that date, and update any that were changed:

The time will then show in the Review Time section as unapproved entries, and they will automatically show up as part of the labor cost of the job and phase:

inside the job: