What Do Income Defaults Do in Knowify?

Your Income Defaults in Knowify under the QuickBooks module lets you control how you push Invoices into your QuickBooks account from Knowify. You can manage the highest level of this in your Company Defaults. However if you need to be more detailed in your sync, you can override all Company Defaults with Client Defaults. If you would like to get even more detailed, Knowify syncs with QuickBooks catalog of Products and Services, so if you use services from your catalog, we can sync to the individual items as well.

Company Defaults:

This is where you choose your Accounts Receivable account you’d like to push to in QuickBooks, as well as which Product or Service you’d like to use on each line when you sync invoices from Knowify into QuickBooks. The last category is only for manually recording payments in Knowify. The Default Payment Account for income should be set to the Bank Account that you deposit your client payments in. These Company Defaults will apply to all invoices created in Knowify, with the exception of the Client Defaults below them.

In the example below, you will see that there are no accounts set for the client Gary Johnson:

Income Defaults:

This means that when we create a contract or invoice, if we do not use service items, it will reference our Company Defaults. In this case, Construction Services is the Default Services, and Savings is the Default Payment account. See below:

Creating Contract in Knowify: These values will carry over to the Knowify invoice, and we can see them in the invoice in QuickBooks: The same applies for Invoice Payments recorded in Knowify: In QuickBooks:

Client Defaults:

Aside from being able to set a default Service and Payment account at the company level. You can also specify a default for each client, and if the Jobs as Subclients feature is enabled, for each job. See the example below with Elliot Simon’s Job, Project #834:

Project #834 is set to a default service of “Drywall and Doors” which means if no service is used when creating a proposal or invoice, it will default to this option.

This will then use the Project #834 Client Default to choose a service in QuickBooks:

*It is important to note that regardless of the defaults set, using catalog items will always take precedent over any settings when syncing with QuickBooks*

If you have any other questions about this, e-mail support@knowify.com and we’ll be happy to show you how this all works!