Why isn’t my data syncing from Quickbooks?

When information is synced from Knowify to Quickbooks, it will push over automatically as soon as you finalize an invoice/bill or create a client/vendor/product/service. However, data from Quickbooks to Knowify does not sync the same way. It will either update the most recent data the next time you log in, or you can click ‘Sync Now’ at the bottom right of the page to force Quickbooks to send us the most recent data

The accountant section of Knowify is a great tool to keep up to date with all transactions synced between Knowify and Quickbooks. Here you can see the connection status, last time data was synced (this is only referring to the last time something was synced with Quickbooks), and if there are any sync errors. 

Additionally, you can use the tool in this section to select a date for Quickbooks to send us the most recent information from. This should be a last resort if you don’t receive the most recent data after clicking Sync Now at the bottom of the page, and should not be run for large intervals of time. You can change the date to the day before you need Quickbooks to send data from, and click Get Latest Data from Quickbooks Since to process.

Let us know if you have any questions about this by directing your email to support@knowify.com !