Job Costing Hub

  1. Search for an item that you would like to change or assign an allocation.
  2. Select a date range to view these items.
  3. Show only items that were created in QuickBooks and pulled into Knowify.
  4. Show only items that have not been assigned to a job yet.
  5. If there are more than 20 items in this list, change the page to view the next set of 20.
  6. This column displays the type of item that can be re-allocated, as well as whether it was created in QuickBooks or Knowify, in parentheses. 
  7. This columns shows additional information for the item. This could be the name of the subcontractor, the purchase order number, etc.
  8. This column displays the value of the expense.
  9. Click the link in blue to allocate the item to a job, if it is currently unallocated.
  10. Click the pencil and paper icon to allocate this expense to a different job.