Job Costing Inventory in Knowify

Although Knowify does not keep track of Quantity on Hand inventory, you can use your catalog of products to track the cost of using inventory items on your jobs.

Tracking Inventory Cost

To do this, you’ll want to make sure you have the item in your catalog. If you’re synced with QuickBooks, Knowify will automatically pull in any inventory items from your Products and Services List. To add a new product in Knowify, go to your Catalog module, and choose “Add New Product:

This will prompt you to fill in the cost, price, and other information around this item for your catalog:

Once the item is added, you will be able to use it as part of the cost of a job by choosing “Allocate Materials” at the top of the catalog screen:

This will pop up a screen that asks for which job the materials were used on, and which materials from the catalog were used:

When this is submitted, it will add as cost to the job, labeled as “Via Catalog”:

You can also add inventory costs directly from this screen, by clicking the dropdown next to “Order Materials” and choosing “Allocate from Inventory”:

This will pull up a similar screen to the one found in the catalog, where you can reference product to add to the job cost:

The difference being that you won’t be prompted to choose a job/phase, as you already are in the project plan.

Finding Burn Quantities

The above guide shows you how to job cost materials used from inventory, but Knowify can also give you a report on how many of these items have been used. To do this, you go to your Purchases Module and choose “Purchases Report”:

This will give you a report on quantity of units used on jobs, as well as quantity of units order through purchases, within a given time frame:

Purchases Tab Catalog Allocations

If you have any further questions about Knowify, Inventory Cost, or Purchases, please reach out to and a member of our team will be happy to help!