Knowify – The Essentials Plan

Knowify has three different pricing tiers so that you can subscribe for the package that works best for your company. Our most popular, and most commonly used plan is the Plus package, which enables full access to all of Knowify’s features and the ability to add as many users as needed to the account. The Essentials plan was designed as way to have one person manage contracts and progress invoicing, but the job costing and planning side of things is a bit limited compared to the Plus package. In this post, we will examine the differences between the Plus plan and the Essentials plan, to help determine which plan best fits your needs.

Pricing_essentials Knowify - The Essentials Plan
  • The biggest difference is the amount of users that will be accessing the account. In the Plus plan, Knowify covers the first 2 full-access users, and the first 3 mobile-only users, while giving you the ability to add as many additional users as needed (additional access can be added to the subscription on a per user basis). In the Essentials plan, there is only access for one person to login on the desktop site, while access to the mobile application is not included in this package.
  • Users in the Plus package can be setup to only access the mobile application, however the mobile application is not available for Enterprise accounts
  • Under the Plus plan you can have up to 100 active jobs, while the Essentials plan limits you to 20 active jobs.
  • With access for only one user, the time tracking capabilities in Essentials will be limited. In the Plus plan you have the option of manually entering time at the job level, at the employee level, and reviewing time entries for users that have checked in/out of the job through their mobile application. 
Timetracker_plus Knowify - The Essentials Plan
  • In the Essentials plan, you will only have the option to enter hours for a job one day at a time in the Foreman View section. 
Timetracker_essentials Knowify - The Essentials Plan
  • The purchase and bill management is also something that is only included in the Plus package. In the Essentials plan, we can import your expenses from Quickbooks (which you will be able to assign to jobs in Knowify) but you can only create/manage expenses under Knowify’s Plus plan. The Essentials plan will only display the purchase history of expenses pulled in from Quickbooks, rather than managing active purchases:
purchases_essentials Knowify - The Essentials Plan
  • In the Plus plan, you will be able to manage active POs, generate PO documents (and email them to the vendor directly through Knowify), keep track of items received and back-ordered, and upload supporting documents/images along with any PO.
purchases_plus Knowify - The Essentials Plan

Lets review the major differences between Plus and Essentials


Full access, Mobile-only, and Non-Access users

Users can be added in addition to what is provided (additional users subject to a charge of $5/month for Mobile and $15/month for Full Access)

1 Full access user only

Non-access users can be added for $1/month

Time Tracking

Full access to the mobile application

Advanced Time Tracking – Check in/out view, Foreman View, and Enter Time sections

No access to the mobile application

Simple Time Tracking – Foreman View only (Select the job, enter hours on a daily basis)

SchedulingFull Access to all scheduling tools as well as access to the Job Board (Weekly), Corporate Calendar (Monthly), and Resource Day (Daily)Not Available

Full Access to purchase orders, bills, credit card/cash expenses, and reimbursements.

PO Management – Manage outstanding balance, generate PO documents, email POs to vendors, mark items as received/back-ordered, upload supporting PO documents

Limited to expenses pulled in from Quickbooks Online or catalog allocations only
Jobs LimitUp to 100 Active JobsUp to 20 Active Jobs
Contracts & Change OrdersFull AccessFull Access
Progress InvoicingFull AccessFull Access
Send Bids out for E-signatureFull AccessFull Access

You can find the full scope of our pricing tiers by clicking here

If you have any questions about the Essentials plan, our pricing, or which plan will be right for you, you can always send an email to and we are happy to help!