Knowify Knowledge Base


How to Add Users to Knowify

How to Set Default Terms and Conditions

How Can I Add Multiple Contacts to a Client?

Why is the Knowify Homepage Not Loading?

What is the difference between Budget Rate and Billing Rate?

What is the Difference Between Test Mode and Live Mode?

How do I Reset a User’s Password?

Where are My Modules?

Email Defaults in Knowify

How do I check what version of Knowify I’m running?

How to Cancel Your Subscription

How Do I Update My Billing Information for Knowify?

What Kinds of Files Can I Upload to Knowify?

How Do I Add Tax Rates?

Budget vs. Billing Rate

Invoice and PO Numbering

How to Make Users Inactive/Active

Edit User’s Access and Permissions

How Do I Change a Login Email?

Subscription: Essentials vs Plus

Uploading Documents and Images

User Access and Permissions

Enable/Disable Catalog Items


How Do I Add a Job?

How Do I Close a Job?

What is an Associated Deliverable?

How Do I Log an Existing Job into my New Knowify Account?

How to Manage Dependencies in Knowify

How to Markup Materials at Different Rates

Job Numbering

How Do I Delete a Job in Knowify?

How to Disable Labor

How to Enable Labor

Setting Job Site Address

How to Automate Emails into Job Logs

How to use Tags on jobs

What is WIP and How is it Calculated?

How do RFI’s work in Knowify?

Managing Work Orders in Knowify

Scheduling a Contract Job with a Start&End Time

Communicating with users internally via notes/comments

Adding Client Contacts to Jobs

How to Unschedule a Job

How to View Closed Jobs

How to Add Phases to a Job

Job Costing

How do I track Actual vs. Budgeted Costs in Knowify?

How do I put a vendor credit into Knowify?

How do reimbursements work in Knowify?

How Do I Edit a Purchase?

Tracking Internal Budgets in Knowify

How Do I Re-Allocate Cost from One Job to Another?

Job Costing Inventory in Knowify

How Can I Enter and Track My Equipment?

How do I get costs to show up under Subcontractor in Plan & Track?

How Do I Log a Bill Against a PO?

How to Enter Cash/Debit Expenses into Knowify

Managing POs in Knowify

How to Log Mutiple Bills Against a PO (Flex Spending)

Job Costing Change Orders

Why can’t I track costs for my active job?

How to close a Bill or Purchase/PO

Tracking Costs from Bill of Materials

Logging Multiple Bills Against One PO (Itemized)

How to Send Work Order to Subcontractor

Approving Purchases and Setting an Approval Authority 


How Do I Change the Date of a Change Order?

How do I apply a Refund or Client Credit?

How do I Resend or Undo a proposal?

How Does Knowify’s Deposits Feature Work?

How Do I Change Between Standard Fixed and AIA?

How do I email outside of Knowify

How do Time and Materials Contracts work in Knowify?

How Do I Switch an Active Contract Back to Draft?

Pricing Materials On The Contract

Options on the Proposal

How Do I Create a Maintenance Contract in Knowify?

Additional Contract Options

E-Signature/Proposal Options


How Do I Submit Retainage in AIA Format?

How Do I Edit an Invoice?

How to Include More Contract Information on Invoices

How to delete an invoice

How Do I Bill Retainage Mid-Project?

Recording Payments

Additional Invoice Options/Customization

Invoicing Styles (Fixed Price)

Service Tickets

How to View All Costs Associated with a Service Ticket

How to Edit Details of a Service Ticket

How Do I Edit the Address of a Service Ticket?

How Do I Change the Name of a Service Ticket?

How to Setup a Service Ticket

How to Switch a Ticket from Pending to Scheduled

Getting Client Signatures on Service Tickets

Converting a Service Ticket to a Contract Job

Service/Maintenance Contracts

Smartphone App

Why can’t I find the job on my smartphone?

How Can I Keep from All the Phases Showing up on My Smartphone?

How Do I Send My Employees Notifications?

Full-Access (desktop) features vs Smartphone features

How can I delete the smartphone app data if I use an Android device?

Time Tracking

Setting up and Tracking Labor Cost

Mulitple Labor Rates/Prevailing Wage

How Can I Undo Previously Approved Time Entries?

Overtime Feature (Enterprise Only)

Changing Labor Costing Rates


How Does the Credit Card Expenses Setting Work?

Why isn’t my invoice syncing with QuickBooks?

How Can I Enter Material Cost Against a Job in Knowify Without Pushing to QuickBooks?

I Can’t Find my Knowify Jobs in QuickBooks

How Can I Cost Expenses in QuickBooks to Jobs in Knowify?

Using QuickBooks Products and Services with Knowify

What Do Income Defaults Do in Knowify?

What Do Expenses Defaults Do in Knowify?

How to Sync Hours from Knowify to QBO

What does the Jobs as Subclients setting do?

Pulling Credit Card Transactions into Knowify from QuickBooks

Importing QuickBooks Subcustomers into Knowify as Jobs (Test Mode)

Using QuickBooks Classes with Knowify

Using QuickBooks Locations with Knowify

Syncing data from Quickbooks to Knowify (Accountant Section)

Catalog Defaults in Knowify

Converting QuickBooks Subcustomers into Knowify Jobs