Knowify – Mobile App vs Computer(Full Access)

Knowify’s Mobile Application is designed to be a technicians tool, that allow’s Knowify users to log their time, purchases, pictures/notes, and view some of the general job information. Performing high-level tasks such as creating jobs, invoices, payments, and viewing any financial information is reserved for full-access users on a computer. Full-access users can also log into Knowify on a Tablet, however they will need to log in through the browser on their tablet (as opposed to the mobile application) in order to perform any full-access user tasks. Here is some more detail on the difference in access from the computer and smartphone:

Computer/BrowserMobile Application
Create new jobs and service ticketsView general job information (Address, Work Order, supporting documents/notes)
Create Invoices, Bills, Purchases, and change ordersCan only create purchases within the approval authority
Log time for one or more users, approve and edit time entries, run time reports
Log time individually, log other user’s time with Foreman Access, cannot approve hours
Use Knowify’s scheduling tools such as the Job Board and Corporate Calendar to schedule employees, review availability, and send push notifications to users in the fieldReview the schedule on a daily basis for the person logged in only
Prepare contracts, send bids out for signature, email invoices & documents to clientsN/A
Manage account settings – user settings, rates, company information, customized defaults, subscription detailsN/A
Manage Quickbooks sync and view financial informationN/A


For more information on Knowify’s Mobile Application, and for a tutorial on how to use the mobile features, please view our video guide here