Knowify’s Overtime Feature (Enterprise Only)

In the tradition of making your job management process more seamless and efficient, Knowify has added a feature to automate the process of calculating Overtime!

In your admin section, you can set the default rules (daily or weekly) for how you want Knowify to be calculated:

After you have submitted time for the week, in the Review Time section, Knowify will flag any time entry that is an “OT Candidate” based on your account’s overtime rules. All time entries will be eligible to split for overtime, however Knowify displays an indicator here to help notify you of any time entry that may be eligible. 

The arrow on the right hand side is pointing to the “Split Time Entries” icon which is how you can trigger the overtime calculation

Once you click the overtime button, this will pop-up a box that reviews why the time entry is being flagged as a candidate, and will split the time entry into the overtime and double-time boxes (based on your Overtime rules).

Knowify will automatically fill these boxes out, however you can manually make any changes needed. Once you click Save Changes, Knowify will automatically split the original time entry into Overtime and Doubletime entries:

If you have any questions about this feature or inquiring about switching to an Enterprise Knowify account, please send us a message to and we’re happy to help!