How to Make French Press Coffee?

Many people know that Knowify runs on Cloud Based servers, but it’s less common knowledge that Knowify also runs on coffee! Our preferred method of making coffee is with a french press. This guide will show you how to make the best french press coffee!

  1. Start by heating roughly 1.5 L water to 200 degrees:
  2. Next, put the grounds in the press. You should add about 7 scoops, but you can add more or less depending on your preferences on strength of coffee:
    The grounds should be coarse chunks, rather than the fine powder commonly used for drop coffee:
  3. Fill the press about halfway up and stir:
    Then start a 5 minute timer:
  4. At the 2.5 minute mark, fill the rest of of the press, then stir again and put the top on without pressing:
  5. When the time runs out, press the plunger down:
  6. Pour, serve, and enjoy!