Manage Bills

  1. Click here to start adding a new bill into the system. You can reference purchases that have been made, and send this information over to QuickBooks.
  2. This value represents the total amount of value among your bills that have been created, but not yet paid.
  3. Of the balance outstanding in bills, this figure shows the amount due within the next 7 days.
  4. Of the balance outstanding in bills, this figure shows how much value remains unpaid after passing its due date.
  5. The bill status will indicate whether the bill amount remains outstanding, overdue, or paid/closed. 
  6. The bill due date indicates when the full payment needs to be made by.
  7. Date in which the invoice was received from the vendor.
  8. Balance remaining to be paid.
  9. Total original billed amount.
  10. Vendor to which this bill is directed towards.
  11. Purchase Order number (PO).
  12. Invoice number set up from when the bill was created.
  13. Edit the information within this bill
  14. Submit the bill to be approved by another use in the company/
  15. Search for a specific bill, using the vendor name.
  16. Click the checkbox to show all of your bills, including ones that have been closed.
  17. The blue triangle indicates a payment has been made, but a partial balance still exists.