Manage Contract Jobs

  1. Search for a job
  2. Sort jobs by status. Statuses include, Bidding, Out for Signature, Active, Pending Changes, or Lead.
  3. Show job history, including rejected bids and jobs that have been closed and archived.
  4. Show job tags that have been assigned to this job. Tags are used to search for jobs more easily.
  5. Job status, which here shows active. Click the job’s status to view and edit information about the job/bid.
  6. Project name and client 
  7. Contract style chosen for this job. These include Fixed price, Fixed Price with AIA Billing, Cost Plus/Other, and Maintenance contracts.
  8. The number of project plan phases currently in this bid/job.
  9. Invoice the client directly here.
  10. Expected revenue from this job.
  11. Expected cost from performing this job.
  12. Profit and Loss value and percentage.
  13. Total billed amount so far.
  14. Work in progress to be billed.
  15. Cost breakdown by materials, labor, and subcontractors.
  16. A job in the bidding stage.
  17. Make a bid active
  18. Mark the bid as rejected by the client. This will close the bid, and you will not be able to continue working on it.
  19. Bid opportunity value