How to Manage Dependencies in Knowify

If you would like to notify your team when phases of a project plan are complete so they can start working the next one, you can use Knowify’s dependencies feature. To use this, you start by clicking the chain-link icon on the phase of the job you’d like to set the dependency for:

This will pull up a screen where you can set which phase needs to be completed/started in order for that phase to start. In the case below, Interior Drywall cannot start until Framing/Rough Carpentry is completed:

Once the dependency is set, anyone who is scheduled on Interior Drywall will be notified when Framing/Rough Carpentry is marked as complete. In this example, we’ve scheduled Terrin Kalian on Interior Drywall:

Now we’ll mark Framing/Rough Carpentry as closed in the Plan & Track section:

And Terrin will receive the following e-mail from Knowify: