Manage Invoices

  1. Outstanding Invoice balance yet to be paid by clients
  2. Invoice balance expected to be received within 30 days
  3. Invoice balance past due
  4. Search for a specific invoice
  5. Reveal Invoices that are still in draft mode, and have not been sent yet
  6. Reveal Invoices that have been created in the last 30 days
  7. Reveal invoices that have benn created more than 30 days ago
  8. Show history of all invoices, including those that have been closed
  9. Status of the invoice. The status may be Overdue, Outstanding, or Draft.
  10. This icon indicates an AIA-formatted invoice.
  11. Total amount invoiced.
  12. Specifies the job in which the invoice was created for.
  13. Click this icon to record a payment on this invoice. 
  14. Click the printer icon to preview the invoice. From the popup menu, you may choose to  download the document as a PDF or Microsoft Word document.