Managing Work Orders in Knowify

Knowify gives you the ability to easily create and assign work orders to your field staff. This can be done either via the Knowify smartphone app, or by creating a PDF Work Order through the Knowify project plan. In either situation, you’ll want to enter the details into the work order field on each Plan & Track phase in Knowify. You can find it as follows…

Draft Plan & Track:

Active Plan & Track:

Clicking these buttons will pull up the screen where you can enter any information that you’d like to field staff to see:

And anyone with access to this job on mobile will be able to see what has been written:


If you’d prefer to create a PDF document with the work order information, you can click the Work Order button at the top of the Plan & Track screen:


This will generate a document that has the Work Order field from each phase, as well as all budgeted materials and labor hours for each phase:


If you have more questions on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to for more information!