Once inside the app, navigate to the “R” icon on the bottom right. This is where you can enter reimbursement requests for purchases you have made for specific jobs or clients. To create a new request, click “Request Reimbursement.”


Enter the description and price of the item. You can add additional items by pressing “+ add item”. Choose the client or department and the job associated with the item. You can upload a receipt by taking a picture with your smartphone and you can comment on the reimbursement.


When you are a finished punching in your data, click “Create Request”.


If you do not require an approver, your reimbursment will be pushed to approved automatically. If you have limited spending authority, Knowify will show your reimbursement as pending and it will alert your approver to review your purchase. The approver will get a message on their Knowify dashboard that looks something like this: