Manage Phases

1. To access Knowify’s project management features, go to the “Contract Jobs” Module.Contract-Jobs-Icon1 Manage Phases


2. While in the “Contract Jobs” module, click on the name of a job you want to Manage Phases


3. Click on the “Plan & Track” tab to cost out your Manage Phases


4. The page is divided by the phases in your project plan. To change the status of a phase, click where it says “Pending” and change the status to Active or Closed. When a phase is Pending, you can still put in time and purchases against it but the individual tasks you have assigned your crew will not be announced to them until you make the phase Active.Milestone-Status Manage Phases


5. To manage dependencies between phases, click the “Add Dependency” button on a phase to link its start or finish to the start of a previous phase.Screen-Shot-2016-04-01-at-2.58.54-PM1 Manage Phases


Ex. If you are a roofer, you can’t lay shingles until you prep the roof first, so you would add a dependency that the roof must be prepped before shingles can be put on.Manage-Dependencies-2 Manage Phases


6. You can expand each phase by clicking on the “+” sign on the blue tab. Now you can see how to phase breaks down between materials, tasks, and resources.Plus-Sign-Milestone Manage Phases


7. As purchases are made towards the materials you need for the job, the materials bar will fill up, indicating how close to your budget you are. See the tutorials on Purchases to learn more about this.Materials-Miletones Manage Phases


8. As time is put into the time-tracker module, the bars will fill up indicating how much time the employee has spent on the task or phase. See the tutorials on Tracking Time to learn more about this.Resources-Milestones Manage Phases


9. If the bar for your materials or resources is green, this means you are at or below you expected cost. If the bar is red, this means you are exceeding your budget.Red-Green Manage Phases


10. You can mark whether a phase was completed or if a resource performed the task by clicking “Assigned” and changing it to completed in the Resources row.Resource-Assigned Manage Phases