How do I put a vendor credit into Knowify?

If you receive a refund or credit from a vendor that you need to log into Knowify for your job costs, you can do so by using Knowify’s “Allocate Materials” function. You can do this from one of two places.
In the catalog module of Knowify, you can click the Allocate Materials button: This will pull up a screen that will prompt you to choose a Job/Phase and add materials without creating purchases or bills: You can either create an item called “Credit” or use the actual item that you’re returning and put in a negative quantity to reflect the cost, and it will be reflected in the project plan:
Project Plan:
You can also access this same material allocation in your project plan under the Materials section of a phase. The dropdown menu under the “Order Materials” button will have an option to “Allocate from Inventory”: And this will pull up a similar box to earlier, where you can allocate credits from your catalog: Even though this doesn’t actually effect any of your inventory. It’s simply a way to change the cost of a project without effecting any of your purchasing/billing data.
**if you’re using Knowify with QuickBooks, you will need to log a matching credit in your QuickBooks account, as this will not sync.**