Screen-Shot-2018-01-10-at-9.27.44-AM Timesheets
  1. Time Report
    Organizes time entries both by client and by employee:
    Screen-Shot-2018-01-05-at-11.20.03-AM Timesheets
    Screen-Shot-2018-01-05-at-11.20.36-AM Timesheets
  2. Time Rate Report
    Organizes time entries by job:
    Screen-Shot-2018-01-05-at-11.25.43-AM Timesheets

  3. Time Card Report
    Organizes time entries by employee:

    Screen-Shot-2018-01-05-at-11.30.36-AM Timesheets
    Each tab within the spreadsheet shows data for that user:
    Screen-Shot-2018-01-05-at-11.31.04-AM Timesheets

  4. Timesheet Report
    Creates a timesheet with all dates within a particular date range:

    Screen-Shot-2018-01-05-at-11.32.21-AM Timesheets

  5. Foreman Report
    Shows a list of users and how many hours they have worked within a particular date range:

    Screen-Shot-2018-01-05-at-11.34.29-AM Timesheets
  6. Payroll Report

    Screen-Shot-2018-01-05-at-11.36.11-AM Timesheets