Job Board

  1. Current week being viewed. Click the arrows or calendar icon to change the week.
  2. Search for specific resources. Change how resources are grouped, between Role, Department, and Resource Type. In the menu below are a list of your company’s resources.
  3. A job scheduled in the Job Board.
  4. Click the triangle to view who is scheduled on this job, and to schedule more resources if needed.
  5. View unscheduled phases by clicking the blue bar. Once clicked, you will be able to set dates for these unschedule phases, and will show up on the job board. An image of this menu is shown below.
  6. The color dots underneath a resource indicate which jobs they are currently scheduled on, according to the colors of the jobs.
  7. Search for a job.
  8. Enable service jobs to be revealed in the job board.
  9. Enable closed jobs to show in the job board.

  10. Click again to hide unscheduled phases.
  11. Set dates for a phase within a job.
  12. Show unscheduled bids and/or service jobs as well as contract jobs in this menu.
  13. Search for an unscheduled phase.