Service Map

  1. Select the date for which you would like to view your service jobs.
  2. Filter which tickets you would like to view. You can choose to view all tickets, filter by a particular resource, or filter by ticket status, shown in the bottom-right part of the above image (described by number 6).
  3. List of your service jobs, marked by alphabet letters. 
  4. Schedule status. Tickets that are not scheduled, like in the example above, will stay in your queue until it is scheduled, and will show in red. Scheduled tickets remain on that particular day, and will display blue.
  5. Type of ticket, whether it is a fixed-price service, time & materials service, or part of a maintenance contract.
  6. Job status legend. Shows the different statuses a ticket could be in from start to finish.
  7. Location of the job site’s address.