How Do I Set Multiple Rates for an Employee?

If you have employees that get paid different rates for different types of work (this is very common in prevailing wage jobs), Knowify has ways to manage this so their hours get job costed correctly.

To start this process, you’ll need to be in a inactive project plan. (If your plan is already active, you can press the “Amend” button at the bottom of the Plan & Track section) When adding an employee to the inactive project plan, Knowify will default to the rate set in the admin section:

Rate Card: Project Plan:

However, to change the costing rate for this phase of the job, simply edit the cost in the box before making the project plan active:

Once the plan is active, time entries will be costed according to the rate set for each phase:

You may add as many phases/rates as you’d like to each job, and as long as employees add time to the correct task, it will be costed accordingly! If you have any further questions about this, please e-mail for more info!